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a certified art therapist, caroline maby opens her studio to individual consultations, by appointment only.

for who ?

• children (from 3 yo) and adolescents, suffering from:
- anxiety, difficulties in the socialization process, falling behind at school, emotional overflow following a contextual challenge or an emotional shock (birth, divorce, move, bereavement ...).
- attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd), high potential childen (hp).
- behavioral disorders, speech and / or communication difficulties.
- post-traumatic stress syndrome (ptsd).

any adult in difficulty wishing to benefit from therapeutic support to relieve problems induced by stress, a handicap, a somatic disease (cancer, multiple sclerosis, alzheimer's) or to respond to mental disorders (depression, behavioural disorders, trauma, grief, separation, addiction) or relationship problems (couple, parenting).

Caroline Maby | Art-Thérapeute certifiée | Saint-Malo

• people in the process of evolution and self-realization who pay attention to internal conflicts, blockages, aim to enhance their creativity, encourage well-being and become creators of their own lives.

• caroline maby also offers practice supervision to art therapists in professional activity, face-to-face or online.

by invitation in france and abroad: caroline maby organizes specific retreats (intuitive painting (painting from the source), creative journaling, 'art therapy and meditation', 'art therapy and yin yoga' ...), in hotels and resorts, meditation centers, private spaces (fra / eng).
for more information: contact.

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