the truly profound relationship meiun caroline maby cultivates with nature inherently imprints her artwork. the nordic sky and light, the telluric forces of the elements — & especially the ocean — drive her inspiration.

animals, the whispering of stars and the feeling of sacredness speak directly to her deep intuition and delight her taste for mystery. 


indépendant visual artist

affiliated to la maison des artistes — order n° : m 746 617

accrédited by the s.f.a.t — order n° : acc131015

siret : 488 047 523 00011 - naf : 90.03a

vat number: fr40488047523

cic banque de gestion privée bretagne

meiun practices ensō under the eye of her teacher at sokukoji monastery, michigan, usa

raw canvas and paper are the bare, open space to which she invites the breath of poetry.


maby is a meditative painter embracing the way of zen; she has received the precepts (jukaï or lay ordination) from sokuzan; her public dharma name — meiun or 明雲 — means "luminous cloud".

japanese awareness practices (shikantaza, shodō, waka, ikebana), photography, the study of the dharma and of phenomenology are the fundamental components underlying her work.

a recognized art therapist, maby is also passionate about the interaction between the elevating power of art and the moving depths of the psyche.

from her humanitarian experience, maby retains a deep-rooted commitment to children's rights. advocating for nature and biodiversity as well as for animal rights now appears as another strong watermark of her artwork.

maby is now dedicating herself to painting, the study of the dharma and the management of elovution. she works in her studio based on the emerald coast, northern brittany, france where she receives in private consultations.

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